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Esatpasa, Salih Omurtak Cd. No:58 D:4, 34704 Atasehir/Istanbul


Why is the security seal used?

Simply put, a security seal indicates whether a locking device has been opened, indicating unauthorized access to restricted items, including bags, boxes, safes, cabinets, doors, or special equipment (such as fire extinguishers or first aid kit boxes).

Security seals protect from theft, abuse, third-party contamination, and hoarding of illegal goods, or indeed people, as immigration control remains a major issue.

A shipment of goods or a set of documents is always handled by many before it reaches its final destination. To save the time and cost of many detailed security checks, the security seal serves as just one of two indicators of the integrity of the content. The security seal cannot prevent access, but acts as an instant alert should any tampering occur, ensuring the ultimate identity of the responsible party.

Today, crime is developing rapidly and it is recommended that security measures be updated regularly. The cost of prevention is much less than potential losses and time from theft, contamination or other criminal activity.

Security seals are key to protecting your goods in transit and can also provide valuable additional benefits such as providing additional logistics controls and speeding up process efficiency with the use of barcodes or RFID tags.

High-quality security seals protect more of your products; they also serve to protect the integrity of your workforce.

How should plastic seals be opened?

There are still many people who like to open plastic seals and leave them as they are. In general, this is not the case. All plastic seals are disposable. You cannot open the plastic seal at any time. As long as you open it, the seal is useless. Each plastic seal has a number on it, you will change it to "number".

Once the seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless destroyed (i.e. cut) and the damaged seal cannot be reused. Each stamp has a unique digital logo.

How to use fire exit door security seals?

Every emergency exit must be opened to the outside without being unlocked by any security guard. Fire Exit Door Security Seals have been studied to meet this need. They are suitable for this application with their low tensile strength.

It is made of recyclable plastic and its application is very quick and easy. The tensile strength needs to be carefully adapted to provide a seal that can break easily.

Why are container seals important?

Container seals are meant to deter tampering and theft. However, containers can be broken and cargo stolen. Burglars can break container seals and gain access to cargo inside the container.

A tampered, broken or altered container seal (except in the case of Port Customs inspection) is proof that the container was opened en route to its final destination. The buyer can then take appropriate action to claim insurance or compensation.

What is the Standard on container seals?

The prescribed standard for globally recognized container seals is ISO 17712:2013. It classifies and sets the standards for all seals used to seal cargo containers.

Some countries, such as the USA, require all incoming containers to be sealed with 'High security' ISO certified seals. Similarly, other countries may have container seal requirements to meet security standards.

An interesting fact is that container seals conforming to ISO 17712:2013 can be used to transfer cargo by containers via other modes of transport such as rail or road.



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