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Effect of temperature on plastic label seal

Temperature has an effect on the plastic label seal. Let us examine in detail the effect of the temperature factor encountered in places where plastic strip seals are widely used, on usage.

1. The plastic label seal is hygroscopic. Do not open the package before using the plastic label seal. After opening the package in a humid environment, try to use the plastic strip seal within 12 hours, or repack the unused plastic seal seal to avoid affecting the tensile strength and hardness of the plastic strip seal during use.

2. When starting and using, use the clamping force and do not exceed the tensile strength (tension) of the plastic strip seal itself.

3. The diameter of the strapped object should be smaller than the diameter of the ring of the plastic tag seal, and the remaining length of the strap body should be 80mm after tightening. The plastic strip seal can maintain excellent mechanical property and thermal aging resistance in the temperature range of -40~120℃.

4. The effect of humidity on the plastic label seal: it can perfectly maintain its mechanical properties in a humid environment. The plastic strip seal has hygroscopicity. If the moisture (water content) increases, it will have higher elongation and impact strength. But the tensile strength and hardness of the plastic strip seal gradually decrease.

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