LGM 731 Locked Seal

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    • Made of PolyStyrene (PS) body
      Designed for reusable safety bags with special closing mechanism
      100% Recyclable product
      Easy sealing, no tools needed for application
      Company logo and 6-digit sequential numbering
      Fiber Laser or UV Laser printing options
      QR-Code option for easy data entry and mobile applications
      Standard colors: White, Pastel Yellow, Red, Pastel Blue
      Sent in 10 mats
      Tensile strength: 3,5 Kgf
      Operating temperature: -20°C / +80°C

      Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight. Store at 22°C/50% RH. Shelf life approx. 18 months from the date of manufacture.

      LGM 731 Packaging

      Box: 25.000 Pieces
      Box Dimensions: 24x44x48cm
      Weight: 9.9 Kg
      Palette Dim. (max.): 90x122x160cm for 750.000 pieces.