LGM 140 Combi Seal

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    • It is made of ultraviolet resistant Polycarbonate (PC) body and Polyacetal (POM) colored inner parts and anchors.
    • In the unique lock design of the combi seal; The anchor blocks the inner part and a second locking provides enhanced security and excellent tamper-evident protection.
    • Ø0.66mm Stainless steel, Ø0.66mm Galvanized Steel and Ø0.90mm PVC coated steel wire options are available.
    • The desired length of sealing wire can be attached to the rotating inner part body.
    • Company name or logo and serial number up to 8 digits can be marked with laser marking.
    • Barcode printing can be done for mobile applications. (Code128, Int 2/5 etc.)
    • Optional marking areas, LGM140: 23mm and LGM140-XL: 38mm
    • Solvent-resistant white background is printed on the flag in order to increase the barcode reading quality in transparent body products.
    • Complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive (EU) 2015/863.
    • Test reports are available for ISO 4892 UV resistance, ISO 9227 Corrosion resistance.
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