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    Blackdot® Ribbons for Videojet Thermal Transfer Machines

    The high-quality raw materials used by Blackdot® Chemical Corporation provide optimum printer performance in Videojet thermal transfer coding devices. Blackdot® ribbon ribbons offer a wide range of products designed to provide excellent print quality and be used in flexible packaging applications.

    Blackdot® ribbon ribbons are designed and manufactured to optimize performance in Videojet thermal transfer encoding devices. Ribbon and machine compatibility; It provides advantages such as better print quality, less breakage, no print head failures, and best adhesion to labels and flexible packaging.

    Best for Videojet

    Long-term relationships with raw material suppliers have gained significant experience in choosing high-class chemicals. The raw materials of Blackdot® ribbons are selected considering compliance with legal regulations, environmental impacts, sustainability and ethical production. Ribbon ribbons produced with quality and top-class raw materials ensure a stable and high-performance result in your Videojet thermal transfer printers. Blackdot® ribbons are designed to perform at peak performance under strict testing protocols.

    Blackdot® ribbon ribbon formulas; It is created by tests carried out in the laboratory environment, taking into account many features that affect the performance of the devices, such as drying time, interaction with the surface, non-wiping, contrast, and are reported separately for each model of Videojet thermal transfer coding devices. We are aware that these parameters directly affect the production processes of our customers’ coding processes. For this reason, we follow the raw material, production, analysis and testing stages meticulously.

    Your Production Will Not Stop With Blackdot® Ribbons

    Thanks to special formulas produced in Blackdot® laboratories, Videojet thermal transfer coding devices achieve unmatched operating performance and high productivity.

    The performance of all ribbon ribbons on Videojet thermal transfer encoding devices is carefully evaluated and tested in independent testing labs using state-of-the-art equipment before being shipped to vendors. Ribbon ribbons are turned into ideal products as a result of different improvement and development studies carried out in line with the data obtained, and then presented to customers.

    Blackdot® Chemical laboratories closely follow all models of the packaging industry and Videojet thermal transfer coding devices in order to meet the new needs of the industry and to produce different solutions for every surface. Devoting significant resources to research and development, Blackdot® Chemical laboratories work on new formulations to keep the ribbon ribbon product range as wide as possible.

    High Technology for Perfect Printing

    You can maximize the sustainability of your Videojet devices with Blackdot® ribbon ribbons, which are widely used in Videojet thermal transfer coding devices in many countries.

    Blackdot® ribbon ribbons prevent wear on the printheads in Videojet thermal transfer devices. Because many ribbon ribbons use materials with low heat resistance, the carrier layer may burn, or the life of the printheads may be shortened due to static charge build-up. All Blackdot® ribbons use a high-tech, silicone-containing protective layer that will protect the printheads and prevent static charge. Thanks to this technology, damage to the print heads is prevented, static charge is reduced to acceptable minimum levels and excellent thermal conductivity is ensured.

    In the production of our ribbon ribbons, we create formulas and production methods in accordance with local regulations and industrial standards, taking into account operator safety and environmental effects. Blackdot® ribbons are registered with certificates and conformity documents showing that they are produced in accordance with the relevant international standards and regulations.

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